What I’ve Learned From Not Being Pretty

5 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned From Not Being Pretty”

  1. Hannah, My name is Stephanie Worley. I lived next door to you when you were ten years old. I have a very different perception of you at ten. I remember being pregnant with my second child and watching you out the window with your siblings. You were so patient and loving with them. I remember thinking that I needed to teach my daughter to be the kind of sibling that you were! To me, that was the most beautiful thing in the world! You are a wonderful and perceptive writer and I hope to read more from you. I just wanted to share my thought with you!

  2. ONE of my many fears is writing even with a tutor I barely passed ENG.101 with that said I so remember you as a scrappy little 10 year old soccer star. I remember a talented, full throttle, self confident , cute little girl. Years later at May Day I saw a beautiful self confident young woman but I also know we can hide a lot of “stuff” we don’t want people to see. I always saw you with confidence. A book I read “Wounded Spirit” by Frank Periett (spelling a problem too) helped me understand how we store info, music, etc that takes us right back to a good or bad event in our life. Wish your blog had been available for me years ago it would have helped me. Thank it will help others that read it today.

    1. I’ve thought over and over again about your comment, Martha. That my blog is something that would have helped you had it been available. That’s why I continue to write: knowing that somewhere, someone is reading my blog and something in their life makes better sense because of what I write. They then know that they are capable of change by seeing the story I’ve written. Thank you for always supporting me, Martha.

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