Untangling the Knot: Getting the Love you Crave

2 thoughts on “Untangling the Knot: Getting the Love you Crave”

  1. Hello Dear One! Tallahassee still sends you love. I am so glad you are discovering and beginning to honor that most special of all relationships, the one with yourself. It seams you have good people supporting you in this. The Universe is chaotic and unfair, sometimes kind or cruel or perfect depending on the circumstances of a moment. At Christmas I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I do not fit the profile for this in terms of lifestyle, but my uncle had it at about the same age, so I suppose it was a genetic possibility. I bring this up because there is so much harm that can be done by ourselves to ourselves that can lead to serious physical consequences and also so much good that can be created by how we handle crisis in our life. I did not create my disease, but I am indeed creating a good response. I’m allowing all kinds of help, being thoughtful about my boundaries, noticing the pain of others when they unconsciously channel their grief through my situation, being as present as I can. I’m still somewhat living in the “How the hell did I get here?” chapter, but have moved through fear into good action instead of stagnating and waiting for my brain to catch up. It’s not the walk I planned, but it is the walk I am on. And my daily prayer is for “best journey”, not specific outcome, although odds are in my favor which is dandy.

    You are making deliberate choices to walk a better walk for yourself. It is a marvel to witness so much awareness in one so young. You have what it takes. Keep walking. And get your butt over to Spain and walk The Camino. Seriously. I will coach you through it.

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